Mingyian is the largest ecosystem of western celebrities and athletes in China with a content-driven commerce platform driven by Mingyian talent and incubated brands. We understand that while the largest consumer market in the world presents a lot of opportunities, China can be difficult to navigate. Whether it’s the time difference, hardship of doing due diligence on local partners, or the fact that all US social platforms are blocked in China, it’s not easy to tap into your market opportunity there. And every day you ignore the market, you are leaving money on the table. We believe developing a native digital presence on Chinese platforms is the first step to capturing your China opportunity. Chinese fans do not want more recycled content or a “copy and paste” brand from the West, but they want to develop a strong emotional bond with you through localized and relevant digital content and experiences. They want to know that you understand them. Mingyian has created a streamlined solution for building and engaging your Chinese audience and our trusted network of investors, distributors, and manufacturers can help you deliver products to them.

At a Glance

  • Founded in 2013

  • Headquartered in Shanghai, Los Angeles, and New York

  • Develop audiences, convert sales, and incubate brands in China

  • Clients include Robert Downey Jr., Gal Gadot, John Legend, and Chris Hemsworth


Rebecca Eydeland and Jenny Bai